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Ocular Trauma Session

Dear friends and colleagues,

The year 2020 marks as an important milestone in the world of ophthalmology. Vision 2020: The Right to Sight is a global initiative committed to eradicate avoidable blindness, which at times are caused by ophthalmic trauma. As one of the leading eye center in Indonesia, JEC Hospitals and Clinics is also concern about the rising prevalence of ophthalmic trauma throughout the nation. The fast developmental pace and relentless growth in both economic and industrial sectors have given rise to the number of oculofacial trauma cases. With these growing concerns, JEC Hospitals and Clinics will be launching the nation’s first Ophthalmic Trauma Service, completing the other opthalmology subspecialty services in the hospital.

In lieu of the launching of Ophthalmic Trauma Service in JEC Hospitals and Clinics, the upcoming 4th JECIM 2020 will feature a special program focusing on comprehensive management of ophthalmic trauma and the complexity surrounding it. The program will be held in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society (APOTS): a society devoted to set the tone and standard in the care of ophthalmic trauma. Ophthalmic trauma represents a frequent cause of emergency ophthalmic visits and have a significant impact regarding suffering, impairment of life quality and the reduction of workability. We have invited many prestige speakers from Asia Pacific region who have outstanding and major impact in the field of ophthalmic trauma management to share their experiences. Through the education, practice, research, and the learning of the development of management ophthalmic trauma in the world, I expect not only to have deeper understanding of it but also to help all participants further to establish, develop and execute the appropriate management of ophthalmic trauma based on medical context.

We look forward to seeing you at the 4th JECIM 2020, particularly in the Ophthalmic Trauma session.  I wish you have a superb time during the meeting and bring home with you the many knowledge of our experts !

With very best regards,

Yunia Irawati, MD

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